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Johnson Creek Airstrip

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Upcoming Events at Johnson Creek

June 19, 2014 - Johnson Creek (3U2) SuperCub Fly-In
All Day
Contact Dave Kirsten at 209-333-1100. Check out the Brand New Johnson Creek Recommended Operating Procedures! Click on the PDF link below and give it time to load.

July 11, 2014 - California QB's Fly-In
All Day
Johnson Creek (3U2). For more information contact Lonnie Autry at 408-835-9052.


IAA District 3 - Director Wayne Thiel 890-8866.

Idaho's premier backcountry airstip, which means it also is the busiest. The lush-grass airstrip's camping facilities include tables, fire places, toilets and showers. The Idaho Division of Aeronautics maintains two courtesy vans, one 12 and one 15 passenger, for use in the local area. $5 per day, 30-cents per mile.

Aeronautics also provides full-time caretakers. Airstrip phone - (208) 633-3333.

Fishing usually is pretty good in Johnson Creek.

Pilot Reports

Observation Date: April 07, 2014
Runway free of snow with old grass, but slightly damp. Usable right now. Bill Miller


New bridge completed  1/4/13 New bridge completed 1/4/13
Bill Miller 4/7/14 Bill Miller 4/7/14
Bill Miller 4/7/14 Bill Miller 4/7/14

Management Plans

Recommended procedures

Classification: DEVELOPED

Airstrips have basic navigational aids and some additional services such as restrooms or camping facilities. May have road access to nearby attractions. Typically located in areas of high use, often in remote settings, but may be accessed by improved roads.
Maintenance: Clear hazardous vegetation from approaches, remove obstacles, blade, mow, water, treat invasive and noxious weeds, and make spot improvements regularly to maintain improved airstrip surface.

This information has been compiled from a number of sources. The status of airstrip facilities, conditions, available services, ownership, and managers are constantly changing. The Idaho Aviation Association assumes no responsibility for incomplete or inaccurate information contained herein.

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