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Join with the IAA to promote responsible use and stewardship of Idaho's backcountry airstrips.

Members from all states are welcome, including both pilots and non-pilots.

Idaho is an aviation-friendly state making light airplane travel and recreation a convenient, safe, and enjoyable activity. We are nationally known for excellent flying opportunities, good weather and numerous general aviation airports throughout the state. These airports range in type from community supported airports to the network of state and forest service recreational and trail head strips. They are located throughout the Idaho back country and wilderness.

A major factor in the state's favorable environment is the Idaho Aviation Association. IAA was formed in 1989 by a group of flyers dedicated to preserving airports, back country strips and private aviation in Idaho. Its inception was a response to the loss of more than 24 valued airports over the preceding years. We lost significant air fields like Big Springs (which served Island Park), Gimlet (south of Sun Valley), and Cascade Reservoir, Bradley Field and Strawberry Glen in southwest Idaho. Since that time, however, we have saved airports like Cabin Creek, Wilson Bar, and "The Big Creek 4" (Vines, Dewey Moore, Mile Hi, and Simonds) from closure.

IAA is successful because of countless hours of voluntary efforts. There are dedicated aviators monitoring government activities, participating in weekend "work parties" and helping communities understand how beneficial their airport resources are. The successes have been many but it is a constant effort to preserve aviation as part of the Idaho lifestyle and economic picture. Whether participating in person or by adding your name and influence to the roster, every member is serving.

The mission statement of IAA says it best:
The IAA's mission is to represent its members in forums where decisions are made that affect general aviation; to keep its members informed about aviation issues; to work with public and private entities for the preservation, maintenance and enhancement of aviation facilities; and to promote safety, education and public understanding of general aviation in Idaho.

With your support we can continue to help preserve and enhance general aviation in this great state. Joining or renewing now will help accomplish that mission.

Best Regards,
Jim Davies, IAA President

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