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Airstrip Maintenance Checklist

Please fill out the form below to report an airstrip's maintenance status and any deficiencies you observe.

Your Full Name
Email Address
Observation Date //
Maintenance Item Status Deficiency
Windsock Indicator
Runway Boundary Markers and Displaced Threshold
Runway Surface (mowing, erosion, rutting, weeds, etc.)
Aircraft Parking
Rodent Control (runways, taxiways, parking areas)
Drainage Culverts and Ditches
Fences, Gates, and Cattle Guards
Signage (tie-down, trailhead, fishing access, ranger station, etc.)
Public Restrooms
Public (potable) Water System
Runway Approach Obstacles
Windsock Standard(s)
Segmented Circle(s)

These inputs are used to detect and reject automated form submissions. They are normally hidden from view. If you can see these inputs, please ignore them: it is important that they are not altered.

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