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Posted November 20, 2017:

This is a long shot but worth a try... Looking to trade land for flight instruction. Looking for a CFI to get me back into flying; a special instructor that is willing to do a trade. I have a very nice, but small lot located in Wallace Idaho. Wallace is one of the all-time authentic towns left in America. You owe it to yourself to come for a visit. This is a city lot on the south hill overlooking the town. Similar properties are going for over $15k. I'm looking to trade private pilot license training with a CFI for the lot. I do understand hours will vary so we can cap the hours at 50. If for some reason, I need more instruction, I'd pay for additional time. I'm in my late 40's and did 35 hour in my early 20's and looking to get back into flying. I'm very laid back and am happy to work around your schedule and even willing to work with your location if within a reasonable distance. Prefer learning in a 172 but would consider a 150 and possibly others. I do understand this is "out of the box" but might be a win-win for the right person. Did I mention Wallace is the Center of the Universe? It's a fact, look it up. Please get in touch or feel free to pass this along to a pilot buddy. Below are a few links to Wallace and a link to the lot.

For more information, contact:
Kevin Pickolick
Phone: 916-201-0813

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