Congrats to Our Own Idaho Women in the 2021 Air Race Derby!

The Women’s Air Derby was held June 12-26, 2021.  Teams planned their own routes consisting of five legs at 65 nautical miles each.  Each team submitted their target time to finish each leg.  Of the three Idaho teams entered, Team Drag’nFly with Cheryl McCord and Sharki Kontra placed 3rd on Leg 5.  The race was competitive as third place on the leg was just a 0.03% deviation (two seconds) from the planned target time.  Overall, Team Drag’nFly placed 37 out of 85 teams.  Team B&B Flying Circus with Gina Bosco and Lisa Breuer finished 43rd overall.  Sherry Kandle and BJ Carter as Team Free Rein also ran an excellent race.  Unfortunately, due to technicalities with scoring they did not receive a score.  Everyone enjoyed the challenges and learned a lot in planning, flying to precise times and teamwork.  This derby was the first of the women’s Air Race Classic races in this format.  It was organized to be able to still have a race but accommodate the uncertainties of the Covid pandemic.  We will see if there will be another derby next year along with the Air Race Classic, typically a 2,200+ mile cross country race around the US and at times into Canada.

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