Glenns Ferry Runway Resurfaced–Ribbon Cutting Advisory!!!     

Update from George J. Parker III; photos by Crista Worthy

After about five months of closure, the new runway is finally finished at Glenns Ferry (U89) and the Mayor is planning a ribbon cutting ceremony at the airport on November 27th (the day after Thanksgiving) at 2 p.m. (please check NOTAMs since it may be cancelled or delayed due to COVID-19).

The ramp will be getting done next spring, so please be careful on the west ramp as it is still broken up in places. The east ramp is solid.

    Glenns Ferry    Short final to the OLD runway

Did you know there is a winery adjacent to the runway?? Yes! The former Carmela Winery has been taken on by Teresa McCallum. It’s now called the Yknot Winery. It is within walking distance of the airport (maybe we can arrange an IAA bike shack?!) with great food, golf, and for pax, wine!  If the weather is good and you happen to be out and about, please fly-in and say hello from six feet!

   winery     Winery front entrance

(LATEST UPDATE: As of 11/21/20, the Winery is closed due to COVID-19 , but put this on your calendar for next year!)

Other activities include the Three Island Crossing State Park and Interpretive Center, which is within a few hundred feet of the east ramp. The center is open Tue–Sat, 10:30 a.m.–4 p.m. So, you can bring the kids or grandkids, learn some Oregon Trail history, and picnic or play in the park. Here is a link for more information:…/three-island…/

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