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Idaho Aviation Hall of Fame

Nominating an Individual to the Idaho Aviation Hall of Fame

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Any member in good standing may nominate an individual for consideration for induction into the Idaho Aviation Hall of Fame. Nominations must be complete and received by the Chairman of the Hall of Fame Committee 150 days prior to the Induction Ceremony (usually held in late October or early November) to be considered in the current year. However all nominations are considered every year. Nominations are never dropped from consideration.

Nominee Eligibility

Individuals are inducted into the Idaho Aviation Hall of Fame to honor citizens, aviation leaders, pilots, teachers, scientists, engineers, inventors, governmental leaders, and other individuals who have significant ties to Idaho and who have made outstanding contribution to the establishment, development, and/or advancement of aviation.

In the form below, please list the individual's accomplishments and clearly explain why the individual should be considered an aviation pioneer. Examples of accomplishments may include:

  • developing new or improved aviation methods, equipment, or safety;
  • providing special leadership, education, or research that made a clear advancement in aviation;
  • through personal achievement, leadership, or invention produced a noteworthy positive change in some aspect of aviation;
  • advanced the public's awareness, understanding, and support for aviation;
  • (provide your own examples).

You may email any relevant news articles, photos, or other supporting information to:

Remember!! Induction into the Idaho Aviation Hall of Fame is for significant and lasting advancements to aviation. The award is not for longevity, popularity, or other non-aviation status, or for merely being a "good pilot."

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