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Simonds Airstrip

FAA Code: N/A9 Latitude: 45.085
Elevation: 5243 Longitude: -115.127

IAA District 3 - Director Joe Grubiak

The Forest Service has designated this airstrip for emergency use because of its condition and location. It requires special skills and equipment beyond what is anticipated for general aviation. Use is discouraged.

Airstrip Location:
Operational Status OPEN
City N/A
County Valley
Manager Matt Shaddle
Manager Phone 208-634-0768
Airstrip Features:
Windsock: No
Segmented Circle: No
Beacon: No
Bicycle RentalBike Rental: No
CampingCamping: No
Potable WaterPotable Water: No
ShowersShowers: No
Primary Runway:
Length 900
Width 37
Type Gravel-Dirt
Condition Rough W/Potholes
pdf Runway Diagram
Secondary Runway:
Length 0
Width 0
Type N/A

Stuck 'N Stay Emergency Accommodations

Emergency Accommodations Emergency overnight accommodations are available at this airstrip. See the Stuck 'N Stay Airstrip Host Directory

Airstrip Classification: OTHER

Airstrips with restrictions based on land owner/manager legal requirements. Not for general public use. These places have no facilities and require special skills or equipment beyond the normal anticipated for general aviation, and use is discouraged.
Maintenance: Minimal so as to not render "unserviceable."

Simonds Info Last Updated: October 3, 2018

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Airstrip Airstrip
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Airstrip Features:

Bicycle Bike rentals
Camping Camping
Water Potable water

Showers Showers
Stuck-N-Stay Stuck 'N Stay host
Weather Report Weather report
Webcam Webcam

This information has been compiled from a number of sources. The status of airstrip facilities, conditions, available services, ownership, and managers are constantly changing. The Idaho Aviation Association assumes no responsibility for incomplete or inaccurate information contained herein.

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