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Fish Lake Airstrip

FAA Code: S92 Latitude: 46.3301953
Elevation: 5646 Longitude: -115.0631742

IAA District 2 - Director Bill Ables (541) 263-1327 Fish Lake Airstrip is located high in the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness area next to the lake. Its turf surface can be soggy until July. The runway has fallen into disrepair in recent years with wallows and an uneven surface developing. The Forest Service is making patchwork repairs, but realizes it eventually will have to find funds for a major overhaul. Moose frequent the lake as well as the airstrip. Small cutthroat trout are plentiful and easy to catch. There are wilderness camp sites at the east end of the airstrip and a small Forest Service guard station at the west end.  No winter maintenance. Recommended use by mountain proficient pilots.  Do not taxi pass cone markers at the end of 05.  Attempting to departure RWY 05 with tailwind is very hazardous. 

Airstrip Location:
Operational Status OPEN
City N/A
County Idaho
Manager NEZPERCE FOREST, AIR US Forrest Service
Manager Phone 208-983-9571
Airstrip Features:
Windsock: Yes
Segmented Circle: Yes
Beacon: No
Bicycle RentalBike Rental: No
CampingCamping: Yes
Potable WaterPotable Water: No
ShowersShowers: No
Primary Runway:
Id 5/23
Length 2650
Width 50
Type Turf
Condition Fair
pdf Runway Diagram
Secondary Runway:
Length 0
Width 0
Type N/A

Stuck 'N Stay Emergency Accommodations

Emergency Accommodations Emergency overnight accommodations are available at this airstrip. See the Stuck 'N Stay Airstrip Host Directory

Pilot Reports

Observation Date: June 02, 2018
Overflew the airport, did not land. West end still under snowpack, east 3rd appeared to be flooded.

Observation Date: June 20, 2018
Airstrip has sufficiently dried out to facilitate landings on Rwy 22, however touchdown must be past the concrete threshold marker due to standing water. Takeoff was more challenging due to damp ground on Southwest end causes a sluggish start. Held brakes with full power from the gitgo to ensure takeoff airspeed attained at halfway point. C-185 Skywagon 300HP

Airstrip Classification: WILD

Airstrips may have basic navigation aids such as windsock and runway markers and limited or no user facilities. Typically located in the remotest settings away from roads and communities.
Maintenance: Clear hazardous vegetation from approaches, remove obstacles, treat noxious weeds and maintain useable airstrip surface.

Fish Lake Info Last Updated: October 29, 2018

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Airstrip Airstrip
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Airstrip Features:

Bicycle Bike rentals
Camping Camping
Water Potable water

Showers Showers
Stuck-N-Stay Stuck 'N Stay host
Weather Report Weather report
Webcam Webcam

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