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Cold Meadows Airstrip

FAA Code: U81 Latitude: 45.2935000
Elevation: 7030 Longitude: -114.9453056

IAA District 2 - Director Bill Ables (541) 263-1327 Cold Meadows gets most of its use in the fall by big game hunters. Fishermen willing to brave the 4 or 5 hour hike to Black Lake likely will be rewarded with very large cutthroat trout. No camping amenities at the airstrip.

Airstrip Location:
Operational Status OPEN
City Warren
County Idaho
Manager Phone 208-634-0600
Airstrip Features:
Windsock: Yes
Segmented Circle: Yes
Beacon: No
Bicycle RentalBike Rental: No
CampingCamping: No
Potable WaterPotable Water: No
ShowersShowers: No
Primary Runway:
Id 16/34
Length 4550
Width 90
Type Turf-Dirt
Condition Fair
Secondary Runway:
Length 0
Width 0
Type N/A

Stuck 'N Stay Emergency Accommodations

Emergency Accommodations Emergency overnight accommodations are available at this airstrip. See the Stuck 'N Stay Airstrip Host Directory

Management Plans

pdf Cold Meadows Management Plan

Airstrip Classification: WILD

Airstrips may have basic navigation aids such as windsock and runway markers and limited or no user facilities. Typically located in the remotest settings away from roads and communities.
Maintenance: Clear hazardous vegetation from approaches, remove obstacles, treat noxious weeds and maintain useable airstrip surface.

Cold Meadows Info Last Updated: October 9, 2018

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Map Key:

Airstrip Airstrip
Weather Weather Station
Webcam Webcam Site

Airstrip Features:

Bicycle Bike rentals
Camping Camping
Water Potable water

Showers Showers
Stuck-N-Stay Stuck 'N Stay host
Weather Report Weather report
Webcam Webcam

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