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Rogersburg State Airstrip

FAA Code: D69 Latitude: 46.0741333
Elevation: 869 Longitude: -116.9648722

 FROM THE WASHINGTON STATE DEPT. OF TRANSPORTATION: "According to our agreement with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), which led to the reopening of Rogersburg State Airport, the airstrip must be closed to facilitate/not interfere with eagle roosting between November 15 and March 1 of each year. Thank you for your cooperation. Located in southeast Washington, Rogersburg is a short mountain turf strip at 1471 foot long, 850'MSL with relatively easy approaches. It gets hot sometimes, so check density altitude. Beware of winds coming out of Hells Canyon and the Grand Ronde, which could give the worst combination of head, tail, and crosswind, all at the same time. In other words, be qualified, current and careful! Coordinates, if you need them, are N46d04.46m/W116d57.97m. Traffic patterns must be to the north (over the river) because of Lime Hill, and it will be a bit close when turning if winds require downriver landing. (As usual with mountain airstrips, generally land upriver and depart downriver). Please stay within the 1500' length as marked by the edge and end reflectors. This generally marks the right of way. Tiedowns and turnaround should be in the 50 x 50 area south of the strip at each end, again just inside the end markers. This generally describes the 1500 x 100 right of way. There is a safety over-run at each end, but the BLM would prefer that not be used unless necessary. Please try not to use the natural turnaround which is just SE of the SE-most end reflectors, as this is also outside of the right-of-way." Under existing rules, no camping or fires are allowed. The airstrip is limited to five airplanes at any one time.

Airstrip Location:
City Anatone
Manager Paul Wolf
Manager Phone 360-618-2477
Airstrip Features:

Classification: Primitive pdf

Primary Runway:
Id 9/27
Length 1471
Type Turf
pdf Runway Diagram

Rogersburg State Info Last Updated: October 24, 2019

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