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Working to preserve Idaho's irreplaceable airports and backcountry airstrips.

The Idaho Aviation Association was organized in 1989 to give Idaho a general aviation voice locally and nationally. With over 1,000 members, our mission is to:

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Invitation to the 2017 Annual General Membership Meeting and Notice of By-Law Amendments to be Voted On

Invitation to the 2017 Annual General Membership Meeting and Notice of By-Law Amendments to be Voted On

Please join us at the 2017 IAA General Membership Meeting at noon on Saturday, May 20th, at the Aero Mark hangar at Idaho Falls (KIDA). Lunch will be served and is free to active members of the Association. Attending members will have the chance to win an iPad with the ForeFlight and Fly Idaho apps installed.  Other door prizes include an aviation headset and more!   

IAA By-Law Amendments to be voted on at the 2017 meeting above will include offices held by members, manner of member notifications, and secretarial processes.  If you have questions about these items please email

The 7th annual Idaho Aviation Expo is Friday May 19th, and Saturday May 20th, 2017. Aero Mark, in partnership with the Idaho Aviation Association, will host this worthwhile event in the 30,000 sq. ft. Aero Mark XL hangar, where exhibitor booths, wares, and aircraft can be under one roof, and on an airport where they belong. This is an all-aviation expo that will feature all facets of General Aviation, including aircraft manufacturers, maintenance and parts suppliers, avionics, clubs and associations, workshops, speakers, and a whole lot more. This year's guest speakers will include Lori MacNichol of McCall Mountain Canyon Flying Seminars and U-2 pilot Brent Beck. Admission is $10 at the door or free for Idaho Aviation Association members.  For more information contact Thomas Hoff at 208-524-1202 or

New Stuck 'N Stay Program!

The IAA has developed a new program designed to reduce
accidents often associated with "get-home-itis" or "get-there-itis," the tendency for pilots to continue a flight to the destination, even if the weather is deteriorating or the aircraft has a problem. The IAA website now has a directory of generous IAA members who have offered to provide last-minute overnight stays to stuck pilots (who are IAA members) and their passengers at no charge. We are also looking to expand this directory to include more IAA members willing to host last-minute overnighters! Carry your IAA membership card with you so your host can validate your membership, and log on to for the host list. 

Bicycles Now Available at McCall and Joseph, OR

Bicycles Now Available at McCall and Joseph, OR

Thanks to the Treasure Valley Chapter there is now a sturdy shed containing bicycles for YOUR use in McCall(KMYL), Joseph OR (KJSY), and in the spring of 2017, Salmon (KSMN).  In McCall it's just outside the secured airport perimeter and west of the Pedestrian Gate adjacent to the McCall Aviation Parking Lot. Instructions are on the locked shed for accessing the bicycles.

There are plans to do this at other locations; if you have bicycles to donate or ideas for another location please contact TV Chapter President Joe Grubiak at 208-514-9258 or

pdf file Bicycle Shed Interior

IAA Has a Facebook Page!

Like us at This is a great way to reach young aviators and let them know that flying an airplane is possible for anyone. Sam Perez from Idaho Falls put the page together and Crista Worthy, Flyline Editor, will monitor and approve content on the page.

Live Webcams Available On Our Site

Go to our "Webcams" page then on the right side click on any of the webcams listed. Once the webcam picture comes up you may have to click on your "Refresh" button to receive the current picture. Weather may also be available by scrolling down below the map and clicking on the airstrip WX. Some webcams, like Warren, have the weather attached to the webcam page.

Featured IAA Member

Mary Build

Mary Build

Mary used to work in the supermarket industry setting up supply systems for supermarket chains and as a grocery buyer. She never had an office big enough, windows large enough and they could never pay her enough. The real problem was being inside an office and she was bored! Mary left that job when she was 45 to find just who she was meant to be, and never realized how much she needed to be outside until she moved to Maine. When she went for a scenic flight at an open house at the Fryeburg airport she decided to give it a try, but not as an occupation.

After that, there was no stopping her. It was the first time there was no question as to what direction to take. She got her private pilot's license when she was forty-seven, but wanted to be more proficient and have the same feeling in the plane as she did driving a car. After her instrument and commercial ratings, she went on to get a commercial SES. She started Naples Seaplane Service, Inc. in 1997 at fifty-two and had a Part 135 operation for several years flying a Cessna 185. She also opened a new Seaplane Base: 5ME Brandy Pond SPB. For a brief period of three years she ran the Fryeburg FBO and brought it back to life.

Since then, she's flown a multitude of planes and has a few more ratings: Commercial Single Engine Land and Sea, Multi Engine Instrument Land, CFI and CFII, Tail Wheel Endorsement and is a Designated Pilot Examiner.

She wanted to fly in the Air Race Classic, but didn't have a plane that qualified, so she contacted Bob Wiplinger from Wipaire and they made a deal for her to fly the race in a Cessna 182 on Amphibious floats and she came in 5th out of thirty-five entries. She has also flown the race as a co-pilot in a Cardinal. She has judged the Air Race Classic three times, flown to Alaska four times and planning another trip in the spring of 2017. Now in the winter of 2016, Mary is in the middle of writing a memoir to keep her love of flying alive. Her skis are on her "forever" plane, her fifth PA-12 Super Cruiser.

Mary is a member of:
Seaplane Pilots Association, AOPA, The Ninety-Nines, Inc., EAA and the Idaho Aviation Association. Monitor of the 99's list serve.

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