Introduction to the DART Program and how the IAA is Involved

From Bill Ables, IAA Director, Dist. II

Just wanted you to know that I delivered the 500-masks to the Wallowa County Emergency Manager, Paul Karvalski today.  He was very appreciative and was aware of the DART Program, but did not realize it involved local pilots.  A big thanks to John Gough for getting this program up and running in the IAA!    They will now be put to use by those who need them the most, our 1st Responders.  Here is a photo of Paul receiving the box of masks.  04D did not take part in this effort (just it’s pilot),  as Mike Hart, who was literally blown in here from Walla Walla, delivered these masks to me a few days ago, but I had to get an aircraft in the photo.

Background Information on DART from John Gough:

Hello everyone, Here is a link to a PowerPoint presentation that tells you about the Idaho DART we are organizing. Please review to get the idea of what a DART is. Click Here for DART PowerPoint

 As we develop this team of aviators here in Idaho, we have the opportunity to really make a difference in both Idaho and the Northwest states. I would ask each of our directors to submit the names of 5 pilots that we could recruit into our Idaho DART. We are at the very beginning of organizing this unit and I think it could develop into a great team of first responders in time of crisis. 

Thanks for your help–John Gough

p.s.  I kind of like the idea of calling our group ” Idaho Spud force” or something like that…


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