Working to preserve Idaho's irreplaceable backcountry airstrips.

Our Directors & Officers


IAA President and Director At Large Andrew George

President and Director At Large:

Andrew George

Phone: 208-794-4480

Boise is a far cry from the flatlands of Texas where I grew up, but I am proud to call it home. I was raised in Dallas and lived in central and east Texas while attending college in Nacogdoches at Stephen F. Austin (Go Lumberjacks!). In my family no one hunts, fishes, rides motorcycles or flies - I'm not sure what happened! So I came to Idaho to be at peace with all that I love to do. When I was very young my first flight in an airplane was in a Skymaster, so I have a fond love affair with them and plan to someday own one. When I got to the mountains 20 years ago and saw the backyard at my feet I knew I needed to see more and experience all it had to offer. It was time to put all those doodles, dreams, and model RC airplane experiences to use - so in 2000 I learned to fly here in Boise at Gowen Field. I have spent time in Cubs, 172, 140, 182 and 180's. Now, 1300 hours later, I have an instrument rating with most of my flight time spent traversing the mountains of the great Northwest. Currently I travel in the one plane that can do it all... my 1975 Skywagon 180J. I use my skills and knowledge as a General Contractor for commercial and residential building to simply do three things...1) buy avgas 2) buy avgas 3) buy avgas. I knew I needed to give back to the land that gave me such pleasure. After spending time on the Treasure Valley Board learning the ropes it is a great pleasure to be in this capacity...humbly trying to help preserve and protect the greatest backyard any pilot can imagine.

IAA District 1 Director Don McIntosh

District 1 Director:

Don McIntosh

Phone: 208-946-8490

I grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico knowing I always wanted to be a fighter pilot when I got older. That dream ended with needing eyeglasses to get through school. In college, the cheapest way to be around small airplanes was to join the skydiving club racking up a total of 98 jumps. I graduated the University of Wyoming with a B.S. in Civil/Architectural Engineering and went to work for a national general construction company. In 1980 I got married and also joined the Tucson Soaring Club where I could rent one of their many gliders for a screaming $4.00 an hour. I received my Private Pilot Glider rating in San Antonio, Texas in 1984 and earned my SEL rating in San Diego in 1988, but continued to fly mostly gliders until moving to Sandpoint, Idaho in 2002. In 2005 I ordered my Kitfox Series VII kit and completed it in 2009 while working full-time and doing the commute to/from Coeur d'Alene every day. The Kitfox and I now have over 320 hours together, more or less attempting to get to all the backcountry and small strips in Idaho, western Montana and eastern Washington.

IAA District 2 Director Bill Ables

District 2 Director:

Bill Ables

Phone: 541-263-1327

I was raised in Pendleton, Oregon where I spent the majority of my early life. My father flew on a limited basis, but built and flew many RC aircraft, which we all got to watch and enjoy. With all Dad's airplane magazines lying around the house and his constant talk about airplanes the seed was easily planted. As a youngster, I used to flag for the crop dusters around Pendleton and after days of listening to those radial engines go roaring by only feet away, I was destined to fly someday. After graduating from Oregon State University in Wildlife Science and landing my first job in Ontario, Oregon I was able to attain my PPL there in 1975. After a job transfer to Enterprise, Oregon in 1976, I joined Oregon's oldest (still active) flying club, the Chief Joseph Flyers and flew their Skyhawks and Skylanes. Then after some 20+ years of club flying I sold my club membership and in 2004 purchased the red 170B that I currently fly. After retiring from my 28-year career with the Oregon State Police as a backcountry game warden in Eastern Oregon, I now get to fly 04D into many of the places that my work took me in Oregon and on into Idaho, which is right in my backyard, just a bit east across Hell's Canyon. It's my goal to do my part and keep all of these gems we have here in the Pacific NW open for all of general aviation to enjoy for years to come.

IAA District 3 Director Joe Grubiak

District 3 Director:

Joe Grubiak

Phone: 208-514-9258

My passion for aviation began early in life as the son and grandson of Air Force fighter pilots. While a military flying career was not in the cards, my exposure to STOL & Amphibious bush flying while fly fishing in Alaska and New Zealand sent me down the path of getting my wings in 2007! In 2009 I purchased a 1961 C-185 and obtained SES, SEL Commercial and Instrument Ratings, traveling extensively throughout the Western US, Alberta, British Columbia and Alaska. In 2017, I partnered on a 2007 Smith Cub and find myself now re-learning all that had become familiar in the Idaho Back Country, only at a 80 mph perspective.

IAA District 4 Director Kerry Requa

District 4 Director:

Kerry Requa

Phone: 208-221-7417

I grew up in Southern Idaho and established an interest in aviation at a very young age. My dad would often take me to the Twin Falls airport to watch the early morning crop dusters come and go. He had a friend that had a Cessna 172 and that was the first airplane I rode in. I think I was about 5 at the time. I always had an eye to the sky and stopped whatever I was doing to watch an airplane fly overhead. I still do that today. My dad also took me to the first Reno Air Race and that really solidified my interest. After high school I joined the Army and served in the 82nd Airborne Division. When I returned to Idaho I wanted to learn to fly and in 1979 took my first flight lesson. I had many setbacks and it took me a while to get into a position where I could purchase an airplane. I bought my first plane in 1993, I lived in Nampa at the time. I moved to Salmon in 1998 and that is where I increased the tempo of my trips into the backcountry. I have always enjoyed the backcountry flying, the scenery is very special and always changing. I have a great respect for our wilderness areas, I enjoy the ability to access them by air. I lived in Blackfoot for 12 years and was the airport manager there for almost 4 years. I moved back to Twin Falls in September of 2013, I expect I will be here for many years to come.

IAA District 5 Director Greg Cobia

District 5 Director:

Greg Cobia

Phone: 208-785-5006

I grew up in Southeastern Idaho and currently reside in Blackfoot. After attending Marsh Valley high school, I moved to Southern California for two years, which is where I became interested in planes and flying. Forward to January 2013, when I stumbled across the Flying Wild Alaska program on Discovery Channel. As I watched Ariel Tweto obtain her pilot's license, I decided that "If she can do that, I can do that" and started taking lessons at the Pocatello AvCenter. I received my license in February 2014 after transferring my instruction to McCarley Field in Blackfoot. Later that year, I purchased a Cessna 172 and began filling up my log-book by exploring Idaho's air strips as often as weather and time permit. IAA is key to helping me improve my own flying abilities, improving public safety, and promoting public awareness about the value of general aviation in Idaho. I look forward spreading the word about the joys of aviation and working to restore and preserve Idaho's airstrips and aviation-related heritage, including the Transcontinental Airway System and concrete arrows.

IAA District 6 Director Mike Hart

District 6 Director:

Mike Hart

Phone: 208-528-7672

I started flying in Kansas when I was 18, mostly flying my parents' 152 off our grass strip. After a long gap, I got back into flying in a serious way here in Idaho where I have added another 1,300 hours as well as my IFR, Commercial, and CFI ratings. I now fly a 1945 Cub and a 1954 Cessna 180 that I use for business travel and aerial photography. I try to get into the back country as often as I can. Access to Idaho airports and Idaho's back country are important to me.

IAA Secretary/Treasurer Nadine Burak


Nadine Burak

Phone: 208-861-9056

My flying career started around 1993 when a new acquaintance at a wedding party told Steve and I how easy it was to get your pilot's license, then you could fly whenever and wherever you wanted to. On the 18-hour drive home from the wedding we decided that I would get my license so that I could chauffeur Steve to his business appointments around the state. That whole plan changed when shortly after I got my ticket Steve wanted me to spiral down through some clouds over Smiley Creek so we could join the others down there having a hot breakfast. I refused, he got his own license, and now I'm usually co-pilot on our back-country adventures in Idaho and Alaska. Some of my favorite activities are fly-camping, going to back-country lodges for breakfast, and our semi-annual trips through Canada to Alaska in the spring and back in the fall.

IAA Vice President, Government Affairs & Scholarships Bill Miller

Vice President, Government Affairs & Scholarships:

Bill Miller

Phone: 208-409-5713

William C. "Bill" Miller enlisted in the Air National Guard while still in high school, and served 38 years. During that time he worked in many positions from aircraft maintenance to Director of Operations and most everything in between, eventually retiring in 1996 as a Colonel. "Aside from four years as a maintenance technician in the 1960s, my Idaho Air Guard career was as a part-timer," he says. To understand his aviation history you can read his recently published book, First Class...Or Not At All: Idaho Air National Guard 1946-1975. Bill has a BS degree in social science and a Masters in Public Administration. He was employed by the Idaho Transportation Department from 1973 to 1992 holding positions as Employee Training and Development Officer, Highway Safety Manager, and Aeronautics Administrator. He has flown as a private pilot and commercial pilot, with Commercial, Instrument, and Airline Transport ratings, and is an aircraft owner. Bill was a founding member and officer of several aviation and historical organizations, including the Idaho Military Historical Society and Idaho Aviation Hall Of Fame; and has been the past president of the IAA Treasure Valley Chapter. Bill and his wife Stephanie raised three children, Chuck, Paul, and Sarah, and live in Boise Idaho.

IAA Vice President, Activities Jerry Terlisner

Vice President, Activities:

Jerry Terlisner

Phone: 208-859-7959

Jerry is a flight instructor with over 30 years' experience flying the Idaho Backcountry. His airplanes include a C-170, C-182, and C-206.

IAA Vice President, Communications Joe Corlett

Vice President, Communications:

Joe Corlett

Phone: 208-890-1819

I am an Idaho native and started flying at the age of 13 at Bradley Field. I am currently the owner of a 1957 Cessna 182A that I bought in 1983.

IAA Vice President, Scholarships Ron Graff

Vice President, Scholarships:

Ron Graff

Phone: 360-944-7751

I've loved aviation since I was 5 and built and flew U-control airplanes at a very young age.
I got my pilot's license through Boise State when they had an Aviation program and later in college worked in the hanger at Boise Cascade Aviation.
I moved to Vancouver, Washington and lived on Evergreen Airport with a hanger in the backyard for many years.
I have owned several airplanes; C-182, V-tail Bonanza and a C-206.
I moved back to Boise in 2014 and enjoy all the IAA activities and love all the opportunities Idaho has to offer.

IAA Vice President, Agency Liaison Larry Taylor

Vice President, Agency Liaison:

Larry Taylor

Phone: 208-484-2153

My father, Dene Taylor, was a charter pilot, instructor and crop duster in Boise during the 1940s and early 50s. Although I flew with him only twice, the experience was enough to give me the bug. I learned to fly after graduating from high school in 1961. I bought my first plane, a Piper Tri-Pacer in 1975. Then, with a growing family, I bought a Cessna 206 in 1982, the plane I still fly today. Unlike my father's, my flying has been mostly for recreation and personal travel with a little business flying mixed in when I worked for KTVB-TV and Idaho Power Company. I have been involved with the IAA since its beginning and served as its president from 2006 to 2009. I am a long-time member of the Ada County Aerial Sheriffs, going back to the days when we transported prisoners. I also serve as a director on the Idaho Aviation Foundation board. Aviation and Idaho are a wonderfully matched pair.

IAA Newsletter Editor Crista Worthy

Newsletter Editor:

Crista Worthy

Phone: 208-906-4471

I was born in Los Angeles in 1959 to Danish parents who had come to America as a reprieve from the doldrums of postwar Europe. Initially intending to return "home" someday, my younger sister and I learned to speak, read, and write Danish fluently. Somewhere along the way my folks fell in love with America and became citizens. My dad taught me to recognize all the commercial airline types; we used to stand at the approach end of the LAX runways with jets landing just over our heads-to this day I love the smell of Jet-A! As a teen, my friend's brother told tales of landing his Piper Cub on "mountaintops" in Idaho. It seemed like an impossible dream. Always in love with animals, my Biology major at UC San Diego focused on animal behavior, but I later fell into bodybuilding, winning the Natural Bodybuilding World Cup in 1991 and training Hollywood-industry clients. I'll stop lifting weights sometime after I'm dead. I met my husband Fred in 1994-when he mentioned he was a pilot I was hooked! We rented planes and then purchased a Robertson STOL-equipped C-210 in 1997 and had it painted Danish red & white. We took our three kids everywhere in that plane, often to Lake Powell, but when I read about the IAA and Galen Hanselman's Fly Idaho! in Pilot Getaways magazine, the old spark burst into flame. We made the Idaho dream a reality when Fred set the 210 down at Wilson Bar, Johnson Creek, and Fish Lake. Spying on moose, salmon, and other wildlife, those were perhaps the happiest days of my life. With about 1,000 unloggable hours in our plane, including all types of weather, I finally got my license in 2003. A few months later we met a pilot-M.D. in Nelson, B.C. who later for some unknown reason asked me to edit his travelogue of northern Idaho. Mentioning this in a chance conversation with Pilot Getaways' Editor, John Kounis, he offered me a job with my favorite magazine, which I have been writing and editing for ever since. We never miss a chance to promote backcountry aviation. Recently we sold our 210 to fund my husband's start-up health supplement business and moved to: Idaho!-settling in rural Hidden Springs, just north of Boise. We look forward to exploring Idaho's natural wonders, expanding our friendships with Idaho aviators, and purchasing a more backcountry-appropriate aircraft. I mention all these events because it's interesting for each of us to look back on our lives and see how one thing leads to another, often by the slimmest thread. Share your flying stories or take a kid up for a flight; you never know what kind of spark you may ignite.

IAA Vice President, Comm. Backcountry Operators Andy Patrick

Vice President, Comm. Backcountry Operators:

Andy Patrick

Phone: 208-850-9991

Bio Coming Soon!

IAA Vice President, Legal Affairs Don Lojek

Vice President, Legal Affairs:

Don Lojek

Phone: 208-343-7733

Don Lojek is an attorney specializing in aviation law. He has practiced law in Idaho for 45 years and has appeared as lead counsel in numerous cases at all levels of the state and federal court systems. He has been appointed by the AOPA as a panel attorney for the AOPA Legal Plan and routinely represents those involved in the aviation industry. A Mooney owner and pilot with approximately 2,000 hours,he responds to IAA's legal needs as they arise.

IAA Vice President, Merchandise Management John Davis

Vice President, Merchandise Management:

John Davis

Phone: 208-867-4600

I was raised in North Idaho where my dad was with Sunshine Mining Company. As a kid in the 70's I tagged along on summer backcountry plane trips into Central Idaho to visit mine sites. Even at ten I was fascinated with how flying exposed whatever was over that next ridge. For a kid that plane just made Idaho one big giant backyard to be explored. I left Idaho to go to college and work but as soon as funds allowed I began working on a private pilot license. I learned and earned that private ticket in Salt Lake City in 1990 and have enjoyed, with notable lapses due to life and kids, my obsession with airplanes and flying ever since. In 2002 life brought us back to Idaho where I have been blessed with good health, great friends and family, and successful businesses. I began flying with Ponderosa Flying Club and in 2007 bought my first airplane, a Diamond DA-40. Since then I have put over 1,000 hours in my logbook and have acquired a long time local bird . . . N5148D. . . a clapped out (9,000 + Idaho hours and counting) straight tail 182 with a P-Ponk that just about everybody in town has flown (or owned) more than once. 48D was born in Witchita but has been based in Boise continuously since 1958. I am having fun putting "stupid money" into 48D and hope to pass her on to the next Boise caretaker (only when I am gone) better than I found her. The Diamond has gone away and in its place I now have a 1979 turbo 182RG for cross country work. In 2017 I am testing my instructor's patience and finishing up my instrument rating. I enjoy flying places, and I particularly enjoy the people we get to know through those flights. Pilots are awesome people . . . just ask one. I enjoy giving back to our obsession through the IAA. Idaho is blessed with an over-abundance of all things aviation related and my goal is to try it all . . . more than once. If you need a T-Shirt, cap or some piece of merchandise IAA related let me know. Very happy to serve!