Fly Idaho!

The 3rd Edition of Fly Idaho!, written by Galen Hanselman, is a whopping 946 pages, compared with 456 pages in the previous edition. To accommodate all this new info, the book is split into two Volumes. The first Volume contains the “Air Section” and covers 83 airstrips, compared with 71 in the 2nd Edition. Four pages for each airstrip have been designed to give the pilot quick access to all pertinent information needed for safe operations at each strip. Most pilots start by looking at the Runway Hazard Index (RHI) in the corner of the first page. A quick glance at the RHI instantly allows the pilot to gauge the difficulty of operations at a particular airstrip. The RHI is augmented by all-new vertical and horizontal photographs of the airstrip, taken by Hanselman from the air, that show each runway and its surroundings, with runway numbers superimposed on the photo. A diagram of the airstrip with runway length, elevation, lat/long, and commentary supply additional information. The new Third Edition provides two additional diagrams for each airstrip: the Runway Elevation Profile, and Terrain Elevation Model.

Other chapters in Volume 1 include Technical Information, a Crosswind Chart, Koch Chart, Backcountry Flying Etiquette, Survival, Mechanical tips, Wilderness Dos and Don’ts, Airplane Camping, The Zen of Fly Fishing, Author’s Promise to You, and “Dumb Things I Promise Never to Do Again”—the latter is a blank lined page with spaces for pilot/users to fill out when appropriate.  Volume 2 contains the “Ground Section,” full of photos and information about camping, fishing, hunting, hot springs, hiking and other activities. Numerous amusing historical anecdotes are told as only Galen Hanselman can tell them, or, in his words, “stories galore of old timers, miners, trappers, Indians, ne’er do wells, wayward pilots, outlaws, moonshiners, murderers, sweet little ladies of the night, and over 250 illustrations, and more photos than you can shake a stick at.” The new edition also provides internet links to fishing and hunting info and licenses, guides, rafting trips, and backcountry guest lodges.


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