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Stuck 'N Stay: Directory of Overnight Accommodations

Stuck at a remote Idaho airstrip?

Welcome to IAA's new directory of emergency overnight accommodations! The generous IAA members below have offered to provide last-minute overnight stays to stuck pilots and their passengers at no charge. Choose your location from the drop-down below and click "Search" for a list of willing hosts:

Stuck 'N Stay is an exclusive benefit for IAA members.

  • Members: please bring your membership card so the host can verify your IAA membership.
  • Hosts: please ask for the guest's IAA membership card. If they don't have one, please encourage them to join!
Your Location:

Are you an IAA member willing to host overnighters?

We are looking to expand this directory to include more IAA members willing to host last-minute overnighters! If you are able to help, please fill out the "Stuck N' Stay" section on your account page.

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