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Stuck 'N Stay Airstrip Host Directory

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IAA Member Hosts Near BOI Boise:

Host: Ethan Ackerman
Phone Number: 360-399-6095
Alternate Phone:

Travel for work so availability may fluctuate

Host: Stephen Bower
Phone Number: 208-362-5403
Alternate Phone: 208-850-2991

Host: Daryn Colledge
Phone Number: 208-867-7335
Alternate Phone:

Host: John Davis
Phone Number: 208-867-4200
Alternate Phone: 208-898-9722

Host: Ethan Feuerborn
Phone Number: 208-297-3635
Alternate Phone:

Host: Kelli Gammons
Phone Number: 435-770-4885
Alternate Phone:

Place near the Greenbelt in Garden City. Ideal location in close proximity to downtown. 15 min average drive to airport.

Host: Brenda Lamott
Phone Number: 208-989-3370
Alternate Phone: 208-869-4057

We're close to the airport (just off the Orchard exit).

Host: Mark Peterson
Phone Number: 208-841-1500
Alternate Phone:

Host: Roger Sewell
Phone Number: 858-518-5047
Alternate Phone:

Can host in Meridian: -21 miles from KEUL - Caldwell, ID -11 miles from KMAN - Nampa, ID -9 miles from KBOI - Boise, ID

Host: Chris Stephens
Phone Number: 208-806-0725
Alternate Phone: 208-720-0972

Host: Heidi Zschach
Phone Number: 208-477-4408
Alternate Phone:

I live in the big city of Boise, but I'm still willing to host. I've also got rooms in Nampa too so let me know if you're stuck there.

Welcome to IAA's directory of emergency overnight accommodations. Stuck at a remote airstrip? Generous IAA members have offered to provide last-minute overnight stays to stuck pilots and their passengers at no charge.

Lodging is available in Idaho and several other states. Choose your location from the drop-down below and click the button for a list of willing hosts.

Stuck 'N Stay is an exclusive benefit for IAA members.

  • Members: Bring your membership card so the host can verify your IAA membership.
  • Hosts: Please ask for the guest's IAA membership card.

Are you willing to host last-minute overnighters?

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