Volunteers Needed!

Excerpt from President Andrew George’s September Flyline Article: 

(We need) The guy or gal who understands what we have here in Idaho and is willing to help preserve it. Understand you do not need to even live here. If you have traveled to Idaho and enjoyed it, you can help.  Many of the projects ahead can be done remotely and within the confines and comfort of your own home.  Aviation is a small community, so a lot of burden goes to a few. Here are a few current projects that can use some help:

-Design a promotional poster that projects our image, message and benefits 
-Scholarship Committee Member(s)
-Contact current and search out new Corporate Sponsors/Discount Providers

I understand that people are busy, so even if you know you can’t make a long-term commitment, that’s ok. If you think you can shave a little time off your plate to help as smaller projects are needed, we would love to know that. For those who may have a bit more time on their hands, many of the local chapters as well as the State Board would greet you with open arms to join us and participate on many levels. Every bit helps, no matter what you can do. Even if you live in Florida and maintain a membership: that is so greatly appreciated! As we grow and gain new members from around the country, we love to receive the input of fresh ideas. The IAA appreciates all that each member can donate, be it time or money, and with your help, every effort will continue to promote, preserve, and protect aviation in Idaho.

If you can help in any way, shape, or form contact IAA Secretary, Nadine Burak at [email protected] or 208-861-9056.



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