Idaho Aviation Chart

Announcing the greatest Idaho Aeronautical Chart ever!!  Idaho Aviation Association worked with the chart’s original creator, Galen Hanselman, to produce and print this new chart in 2018.  The chart depicts many more airstrips than before. It also shows reporting points,obstructions like cables and windmills, wilderness areas, and much more. Plus, the back features a close-up of central Idaho, where many strips are located in close proximity, and depicts the routing typically used by commercial aircraft operating in that portion of the backcountry. Finally, this chart is printed on a special material that is water- and tear-resistant, called UltraGreen synthetic paper. As Galen says, “No trees were molested in producing this chart. It’s made from rocks. (Gypsum.) It can also be used as an emergency ground cloth, a rain poncho and a waterproof fire starter.”


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