About IAA

The Idaho Aviation Association gives Idaho a general aviation voice, both locally and nationally.

Our mission is to:


Represent our members in forums where decisions are made that affect general aviation.



Inform our members about aviation issues


Work with public and private entities for the preservation, maintenance and enhancement of aviation facilities


Promote safety, education and public understanding of general aviation in Idaho.

IAA serves members through seven local districts and a state Board of Directors. We have over 1400 members who promote or oppose laws, rules, and regulations affecting general aviation. Additionally, we promote educational and informational programs.

In 1998 the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association awarded IAA the President’s Special Citation recognizing our membership’s contributions toward promoting general aviation, particularly IAA’s efforts to maintain wilderness airports.

Our Goals
  • Safety
  • Education
  • Backcountry access
  • Airspace preservation for general aviation
  • Airport improvements
Our Strategies
  • Advocacy of aviation issues
  • Coordination with regulatory authorities
  • Education of legislators
  • Dissemination of information
  • Active participation in general aviation

Reference Documents

Idaho Aviation Association Bylaws

Adopted June 2010; Updated April 2013

IAA Chapter Formation Guidelines

Adopted June 2010; Updated April 2013