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This challenging airstrip is located deep within the Selway Bitterroot Wilderness area. The U.S. Forest Service did major reconstruction in June, 2013. There are no camp amenities. Excellent catch-and-release fishing is close by on the Selway River.

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Airstrips may have basic navigation aids such as windsock and runway markers and no user facilities. Typically located in the remotest settings away from roads and communities.

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Tom Richardson

  [email protected]

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Michael Schwartz

  [email protected]

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Willy Acton


#7 McCall/Central

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Dave Irvin
(208) 521-8908
[email protected]

Observation Date: March 16, 2023

Flew into Shearer airstrip with the helicopter. There was about seven to tent inches of snow on the runway. The snow was soft and somewhat wet in the afternoon. A ski equipped fixed wing aircraft had landed and taken off dropping off two hunters a week before, reportedly in the early morning hours. River was fairly low with significant ice remaining.

Observation Date: November 13, 2022

Flew into Shearer on Sunday 11/13/2022 with a helicopter. Just skiff of snow on airstrip flat. Fixed wing aircraft getting in and out that day with wheel tracks down to dirt/turf on runway. Two hunting camps on airstrip flat. Copy and Paste this URL to download and view video:

Observation Date: June 7, 2022

Flew into Shearer 6/8/2022 with helicopter and spent the afternoon hiking around. Windsock at south end has a rip lengthwise but still mostly functional. Healthy grass growth on northern half of runway, about six to eight inches in height. RECENT BEAR ACTIVITY AROUND AIRSTRIP. Outhouse door torn open and vent stock torn out and laying on ground. (Nice repair accomplished by someone with safety wire and screws. I put vent stack back in place and will bring boards, screws and complete more permanent repairs in next week or so.) Plastic cabinet (not sure what that is for...) on southern windsock mast torn off. Screen door on Guard Station cabin torn up. Bear did not gain access to cabin.

Observation Date: May 11, 2022

Went to Shearer for the day on Wednesday May 11. Airstrip is firm, grass is green and looking good. First 50 yards on north end is wet and soft as usual but otherwise everything looks good. A group of bear hunters camped at the fire pit, they were flown in by Choice Aviation.

Observation Date: April 7, 2022

Flew into Shearer on 4/7/2022 with the helicopter. Nice day, about 60 degrees. River is a little high but clear. Rafters are on the water. Runway is damp and firm except for usual wet spot about 1/3 way from south end. Some standing water and about 100 ft. of muddy surface there. One airplane had been in and out recently. Mast for south windsock has an odd split in the pipe about three feet from bottom. Not sure what caused that. Did it fill with water and then freeze/split?? Appears mostly still sound and functional.

Observation Date: March 12, 2022

Flew into Shearer with helicopter on 3/12/2022. Whole airstrip flat is still snow covered. Snow depth is pretty solid 8 inches on runway with inch or two of recent soft mushy snow as the top layer. No indications of any recent landings. River was very clear.

Observation Date: January 26, 2022

Flew into Shearer airstrip on 1/26/2022 with a helicopter. Looks to be about a foot and half of snow on the ground. Pretty solid crust. No one had been in there recently.

Observation Date: September 24, 2021

This picture was taken directly on the north side of Shearer airstrip. The smoke is starting to get isolated with tops of the smoke layer south of Shearer this morning were only 4000'.

Observation Date: August 13, 2021

Very dry, overgrown w/ weeds otherwise good condition.

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