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This is a private airstrip, open to the public for food and lodging. [email protected] 

When you make your plans for this year, it is important for you to know that the Sulphur Creek Ranch airstrip (ID74) is CLOSED until further notice. Sadly, it seems Sulphur Creek will NOT be able to open for 2024. The damage was too great, and repairs are challenging to say the least.

Latest from Kiere:

“The devastating landslides which obliterated our water and power source 19 months ago present two of the biggest obstacle in moving forward in any direction.

We have three hurdles to overcome before we can entertain a viable business strategy for the distant future.

1. Developing a permanent water source that will be stable will take another 3-8 years.

2. Strategically recreating, and funding, another power source so we're not 100% dependent on flying in fuel for a generator (an economic game changer in terms of being open as we once were).

3. Finding and affording hired help at post Covid wage rates (another economic spike in operating costs).

Currently, we have "temporary" water. The key word is temporary because it could completely change with one rainstorm or any amount of spring runoff.

We are in the process of reviewing options and cost with the upper management for an alternative power source. It's going to be a long and slow process. Therefore, I don't anticipate being available for lodging or breakfast for the upcoming 2024 season.

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Airstrips have basic navigational aids and some additional services such as restrooms or camping facilities. May have road access to nearby attractions. Typically located in areas of high use, often in remote settings but maybe accessed by improved roads.

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Mike Hart

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Kieri and ValDean


#3 Treasure Valley

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Christopher Marshall
[email protected]

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