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 All Airstrip information is in the process of being updated.  If you have questions please contact us at 208-861-9056.

Recommended Standard Operating Procedures can be found for Johnson Creek, Big Creek, Garden Valley Smiley Creek and Cavanaugh Bay under "Management Plan" on those airstrip pages.

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Idaho Airstrip Network

The Idaho Airstrip Network is a group of airstrip owners including the U.S. Forest Service, BLM, Idaho Fish and Game, the Idaho Division of Aeronautics and a few private owners, along with several nonprofit aviation groups including the Idaho Aviation Association, Idaho Aviation Foundation and the Recreational Aviation Foundation, and other entities that have an interest in aviation such as Idaho Outfitters and Guides and the Idaho Department of Commerce.

The group is held together by a Memorandum of Understanding and is managed by a steering committee and a part-time coordinator.

Idaho Airstrip Network Map

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Airstrip Airstrip
Weather Weather Station
Webcam Webcam Site

Airstrip Features:

Bicycle Bike rentals
Camping Camping
Water Potable water
Showers Showers
Stuck-N-Stay Stuck 'N Stay host
Weather Report Weather report
Webcam Webcam

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Bike rentals
Potable water
Pilot reports
Stuck 'N Stay host
Weather station

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Live Webcams

Big Creek, N (IAF) Big Creek, SE (IAF) Big Creek, SW (IAF) Caldwell, E Caldwell, NW Donner Pass, Cascade N Donner Pass/Cascade, SE Flying B, E Flying B, N Flying B, S Garden Valley, E (IAF) Garden Valley, W (IAF) Henry's Lake Johnson Creek North Johnson Creek South Joseph, OR, S Joseph, OR, W Josephine Creek Ranch, E Josephine Creek Ranch, N Kellogg - Silver Mountain McCall Melba Midvale/Cambridge Nampa Pullman/Moscow Root Ranch, N Root Ranch, S Sandpoint Smiley Creek NE Smiley Creek NW Smiley Creek SE Stanley Sulphur Creek, E (IAF) Sulphur Creek, S (IAF) Upper Loon North Upper Loon South Warren Yellow Pine, NW (IAF) Yellow Pine, S (IAF)

Weather Reports

Big Creek WX Flying B WX Garden Valley WX Henry's Lake WX Johnson Creek WX Joseph, OR (KJSY) Josephine Creek Ranch WX Kellogg - Silver Mountain WX Mackay Bar WX McCall WX Melba WX Midvale Airport/Cambridge ID WX Root Ranch WX Sandpoint WX Smiley Creek WX Stanley WX Sulphur Creek WX Yellow Pine WX

All Airstrips

45 Ranch KNA4 Aberdeen KU36 Alpine K46U American Falls KU01 Antelope Valley KU92 Arco KAOC Atlanta K55H Bancroft KU51 Bear Trap K1U0 Bernard KU54 Big Bar K1DA Big Creek KU60 Big Southern Butte KU46 Blackfoot KU02 Boise KBOI Bonners Ferry K65S Bremerton National KPWT Brooks Seaplane Base KS76 Bruce Meadows KU63 Buhl KU03 Burley KBYI Cabin Creek KI08 Caldwell KEUL Carey KU65 Cascade KU70 Cavanaugh Bay K66S Cayuse Creek KC64 Challis KLLJ Chamberlain Basin KU79 Coeur D' Alene KCOE Cold Meadows KU81 Copper Basin K0U2 Cottonwood KS84 Council KU82 Cox's Well KU48 Craigmont KS89 Crawford K99V Deadwood Reservoir ID86 Dewey Moore DEW Dixie Town KNA2 Dixie USFS A05 Donnelly U84 Downey U58 Driggs DIJ Dubois U41 Dug Bar OR8 Elk City S90 Elk River ID85 Emmett Municipal S78 Enterprise Municipal Airport K8S4 Fairfield, Camas County Airport KU86 Fish Lake S92 Flying B Ranch 12ID Friedman Memorial Airport SUN Garden Valley U88 Gardner KS KK32 Gardner Municipal Airport K34 Glenns Ferry U89 Gooding GNG Graham U45 Grangeville GIC Grasmere U91 Greene Valley Retreat GRE Hazelton U94 Henry's Lake U53 Hollow Top 0U7 Homedale S66 Howe U97 Idaho City U98 Idaho Falls IDA Indian Creek S81 Jackpot,NV 06U Jerome County JER Johnson Creek 3U2 Joseph, Or JSY Kamiah S73 Kooskia Municipal Airport S82 Krassel USFS Airport 24K Laidlaw Corrals U99 Landmark USFS Airport 0U0 Leadore U00 Lewiston-Nez Perce County Airport LWS Lower Loon Creek Airport C53 Mackay Airport U62 MacKay Bar ID28 Magee Airport S77 Magic Reservoir Airport U93 Mahoney Creek USFS Airport 0U3 Malad City Airport MLD May 0U8 MCCALL MUNICIPAL AIRPORT MYL Memaloose 25U Midvale 0U9 Midway U37 Mile Hi KK10 Moose Creek USFS Airport 1U1 Mountain Home Municipal Airport U76 Mud Lake 1U2 Murphy 1U3 Murphy Hot Springs 3U0 Nampa Municipal Airport MAN New Meadows 1U4 Nez Perce Municipal 0S5 Oakley K1U6 Ogden KOGD Omak WA KOMK Ontario, OR KONO Orofino KS68 Orogrande K75C Owyhee Reservoir (Pelican) K28U Paris/Bear Lake Co. K1U7 Parma K50S Payette KS75 Picabo ID82 Pine K1U9 Pittsboro, NC 9nc8 Pittsburg PIT Pocatello KPIH Porthill K1S1 Preston KU10 Priest Lake K67S Priest River K1S6 Reed Ranch KI92 Rigby KU56 Rockford K2U4 Rogersburg State KD69 Root Ranch ROO Salmon KSMN Salmon Bar SAL Sandpoint KSZT Sanford NC KTTA Sarasota KSRQ Seven Devils ID17 Shearer K2U5 Shoshone County Airport S83 Silverdale 8w5 Silverdale 8w5 Simonds KNA9 Sisters OR K6K5 Slate Creek K1S7 Smiley Creek KU87 Smiths Prairie K2U0 Soda Springs KU78 Soldier Bar K85U St. Anthony KU12 St. Maries KS72 Stanley K2U7 Sulphur Creek ID74 Tanglefoot Seaplane Base Cavan KD28 Thomas Creek K2U8 Twin Bridges KU61 Twin Falls KTWF Upper Loon Creek KU72 Vines KNA8 W E Ranch KOID Wapshilla KNA5 Warm Springs K0U1 Warren K3U1 Weatherby K52U Weiser KS87 Wilson Bar KC48 Wilsonville, OR KUAO

This information has been compiled from a number of sources and is for recreational purposes only, not to be used for navigation. The status of airstrip facilities, conditions, available services, ownership, and managers is constantly changing. The Idaho Aviation Association assumes no responsibility for incomplete or inaccurate information contained herein. For a detailed weather briefing call 1-800-992-7433 (1-800-WX BRIEF).