Cayuse Creek

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For many years, this airstrip was listed as "Restricted" on FAA charts, meaning planned landings could not be made without permission from the Forest Service. With encouragement from the Idaho Airstrip Network, that designation was removed in early 2011. The airstrip's turf surface is good by backcountry standards, although not regularly maintained. There are no camping facilities at the airstrip, but wilderness camping and good fishing are available along Cayuse Creek.

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Segmented Circle


Wild Classification

Airstrips may have basic navigation aids such as windsock and runway markers and no user facilities. Typically located in the remotest settings away from roads and communities.

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Stuck 'N Stay Emergency Accommodations

Member Name

Tom Richardson

  [email protected]

Airstrip Manager:

Andrew Skowland


#1 North Idaho

District Director:

Don McIntosh
[email protected]

Observation Date: July 2, 2022

Flew into Cayuse Airstrip on 7/2/2022 with helicopter. Runway grass is green, healthy and cropped fairly short. Some ground squirrel holes and mounds. Windsock is a little faded but working, sensitive not ripped or torn. There is a new installed emergency phone system in place on main road at the airstrip sign just north of runway.

Observation Date: May 12, 2022

Flew into Cayuse Airstrip on 5/12/2022 with helicopter. Runway is dry and firm and grass is beginning to grow. Some ground squirrels are active on the landing surface with burrows and mounds present. Outfitter is in camp with bear hunters. No conventional pickup access to the airstrip for at least another couple of weeks due to snow slides and snow on East Saddle. ATVs and UTVs are able to drive in.

Observation Date: April 24, 2022

Stopped briefly at Cayuse Airstrip on Sunday 4/24/2022. Runway is bare of snow, damp but firm. A wet spot near end marker SW end of 20. Another wet spot next of runway surface on north side mid-field. Neither wet area is on landing surface. Didn't appear any airplanes had landed since snowmelt. Outfitter had been in for few days to begin opening his facility for spring hunts. Road access is via. tracked UTV. Snow line is up around 4500 ft. on north aspects and maybe 5500 ft. on more southerly exposures.

Observation Date: January 9, 2022

Flew into Cayuse Airstrip on 1/9/2022 with the helicopter. Noted 3 1/2 feet of snow. An inch of crust and then very soft, powdery and very dry snow below that. No tracks on the runway.

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