Aviation Survival Kits Explored by Treasure Valley Chapter

From John Davis, IAA Director, District 3

The Treasure Valley Chapter of the Idaho Aviation Association held their opening meeting of fall 2022 recently at the Nampa airport. With over 50 members in attendance the chapter enjoyed a BBQ dinner of hamburgers and bratwurst, some hangar flying and camaraderie in addition to a presentation on the importance of Wilderness Survival tips, training and kit construction.

John Davis, District 3 Director gave an informative presentation that included Wilderness Survival tips like the STOP Protocol, 8 common survival mistakes and the importance of a check in / check out partner when making backcountry flights. The second part of the presentation focused on building a wearable vest or “bug out bag” style survival kit and the 5 key categories of contents for consideration. Several members shared their vest or “bug out bag” style kits with attendees. The presentation contained information on places IAA members can turn to for more in-depth survival skills or first aid training. Good survival skills techniques and having a carefully stocked kit can tip the scales in your favor in an aviation or other backcountry related emergency.

The chapter encourages all members to review their preparedness for an off-airport landing including their pre-flight preparation and things you can do to improve your odds of making it home successfully from such an event.

To assist you, here is a link to the presentation slide deck (as a pdf file): CLICK HERE

Keep your eyes open for an upcoming “re-presentation” in a live webinar format for all members to attend.

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