Cavanaugh Bay Fly-In (66S)

Cavanaugh Bay Fly-In (66S)

Calling all IAA Flyers:

Don’t forget Cavanaugh Bay Fly In this weekend, August 20 and 21. The weather is finally cooling down some but the smoke continues to be a problem. Unless there is a big change in the smoke, it may be difficult to fly in to Cavanaugh. There is a chance it will clear off like it did 2 weekends ago for the Sandpoint Fly In, so we are planning on being there (probably driving in) and will have the grills ready to cook on.  Remember the Saturday afternoon BBQ at 4:00PM where you bring something to grill and something to share. It is always a good time. The lodge restaurant on the lake is open at noon every day for lunch and stays open until 8:00 pm for dinner and there are other places to ride our bikes to that serve meals all day.  Check the cameras on our new website for an idea of what the visibility looks like over there at Cavanaugh Bay.

Hope to see you here!

Don McIntosh, District #1 Director

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