Greenleaf Air Ranch Private Airstrip-Treasure Valley Coffee/Donuts “Friday Fly Out”

Greenleaf Air Ranch Private Airstrip-Treasure Valley Coffee/Donuts “Friday Fly Out”

Treasure Valley Coffee/Donuts “Friday Fly Out”

  • Location: Greenleaf Air Ranch Private Airstrip (ID90)
  • Time: 8:30am
  • Date: Friday June 2nd, 2023
  • Agenda: Coffee/Donuts with your IAA friends


Come and join us for this 1st of 4 planned “Friday Fly Outs” scheduled for June, July and August. Our agenda is simple… bring a lawn chair and fly into one of four Treasure Valley private residential airstrips you might not normally have occasion to visit. A resident host will be sponsoring, coffee/donuts will be served and “hangar flying” is absolutely allowed. Many thanks to Mark and Gayla Perini for hosting our inaugural 2023 event.

Arrival procedures as follows:

  • No grass area landings – pavement only please
  • Parking on east end north side of airstrip
  • Pattern is north side of runway left patterm to rwy14, right pattern to rwy 32
  • Avoid overflying town of Greenleaf for neighborly noise abatement
  • 122.90 is unicom, elevation approx. 2,400, airstrip approx. 2,400 length

Come and join us for some Friday morning camaraderie and an arrival/landing/departure where you might not normally go.

Organizer:                           John Davis
Organizer Phone:             208-867-4600
Organizer Email:               [email protected]

All 4 of our planned destinations are private permission only airstrips… let’s all be good neighbors and get invited back… so dial back the RPM’s on the prop and adhere to noise abatement/pattern requests. Thanks in advance!