Treasure Valley Coffee/Donuts “Friday Fly Out”

Treasure Valley Coffee/Donuts “Friday Fly Out”

Treasure Valley Coffee/Donuts “Friday Fly Out”

  • Location: Greenleaf Air Ranch Private Airstrip
  • Time: 8:30am
  • Date: Friday June 2nd, 2023
  • Agenda: Coffee/Donuts with your IAA friends


Come and join us for this 1st of 4 planned “Friday Fly Outs” scheduled for June, July and August. Our agenda is simple… bring a lawn chair and fly into one of four Treasure Valley private residential airstrips you might not normally have occasion to visit. A resident host will be sponsoring, coffee/donuts will be served and “hangar flying” is absolutely allowed.

Many thanks to Mark and Gayla Perini for hosting our inaugural 2023 event. Arrival time is 8:30am, we will communicate arrival, noise abatement and parking information as we get closer to the date via email and social media post. Come and join us for some Friday morning camaraderie and an arrival/landing/departure where you might not normally go. Here is information on the airstrip in advance of our formal communication on procedures:  Pilot Information (

All 4 of our planned destinations are private permission only airstrips… let’s all be good neighbors and get invited back… so dial back the RPM’s on the prop and adhere to noise abatement/pattern requests. Thanks in advance!

Organizer:                           John Davis
Organizer Phone:             208-867-4600
Organizer Email:               [email protected]


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