Get YOUR Personalized Aviation License Plate!

     Aviation enthusiasts have another way to display their love for flying in Idaho. By purchasing a “Fly Idaho” license plate, they will also be supporting organizations that work to preserve and enhance the airstrips that help make Idaho a special place for pilots.
     In addition to the regular registration fee, the specialized plates will cost an extra $35 initially, and $25 at renewal. If your plates are not immediately due for renewal any remaining registration time will be credited to the new plate. Customized numbers and letters, such as an aircraft’s N number will cost another $25 initially, and $15 at renewal. Only five characters are available on the plates, so you may not be able to have the “N” on it. Sample plates, suitable for hanging on your wall are available for $30. 
     The plates are available at the usual county vehicle registration offices and online at

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