Important Information About Sulphur Creek Ranch

When you make your plans for this year, it is important for you to know that the Sulphur Creek Ranch airstrip (ID74) is CLOSED until further notice.

The ranch will not be open for Fly-in breakfasts, overnight lodging, or horseback rides. The ranch is open for a limited number of large groups and hunters next season (2023).

2022 groups and hunts have already been filled.

Please do not land on the airstrip as there will be stock free grazing during the daylight hours.

Last fall, the Boundary Fire devastated more than 90,000 areas of the Middle Fork drainage. The fire threatened Sulphur Creek Ranch for nine straight weeks.

All the ranch structures were saved! The forest wasn’t so lucky…

Managers Kiere & ValDean, made the difficult decision to close the ranch for 2022 and possibly beyond that.

What is SCR up against in the first-year post forest fire?

First and foremost, it will not be safe for people to walk or ride through the forest. Old growth trees burned in the fire are now standing dead which poses a great risk for people and stock traveling through the forest. Trees will be falling and will continue to fall with the normal pattern of afternoon winds.

The hydroelectric system may or may not survive the spring runoff and be able to provide adequate clean water and power. Without a forest, water runoff will produce large amounts of silt and dirt which have notoriously in the past, plugged up collection boxes and penstock delivery systems in other Middle Fork ranches post massive forest fire devastation.

Without knowing ahead of time about power and water, it’s not possible to prepare for the upcoming season.

Thanks Kiere & ValDean for all the fun times; we wish you well this summer as you work to help the ranch recover from the fire.

Crista Worthy

Many photos and more information are available on the Sulphur Creek Ranch website and blog:

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